JuJu Smith-Schuster’s biggest draft-night recollection was phone call not from a team

Four years ago, receiver JuJu Smith-Schuster waited through all of Thursday night and into Friday night to get drafted. What stands out the most for him wasn’t the phone call he got from the Steelers at No. 62 but an unrelated call that came before it. “I got a phone call and it was my […]


Study finds that regulatory protein prevents signaling that triggers cell death

A protein implicated in neurodegenerative diseases including amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) prevents the activation of an innate immune response that leads to cell death, Vanderbilt researchers have discovered. The protein, called TDP-43, regulates the accumulation of double-stranded RNA—genetic material found in both pathogens and in our own cells. The findings, published in the journal Cell […]


Ethereum jumps to record high on report of EIB digital bond issuance

Ethereum , the world’s second largest cryptocurrency in terms of market capitalisation, touched a new peak on Wednesday, with participants citing media reports about the European Investment Bank’s plans to launch a “digital bond” sale on the ethereum blockchain network. Ether is the digital currency or token that facilitates transactions on the ethereum blockchain. In […]


Dell issues high-priority security patch for hundreds of machines dating back to 2009

If you thought your aging Dell laptop was safe from modern malware or hacking exploits, think again. Dell has just released a retroactive, high-priority software patch for hundreds of its machines, some of which have initial releases dating back to 2009. The patch addresses an “insufficient access control vulnerability” present in the dbutil_2_3.sys driver, which […]


Pilot burning to death made incredible choice to climb onto wing and leap out

A thousand feet above ground alone in a burning plane, special forces soldier Jamie Hull had two options – and both would mean almost certain death. The rookie pilot either had to stay in the cockpit as fire burned his flesh to the bones or leap from the aircraft before it smashed into the ground […]