Six stunning paradise islands on the market for less than the average UK home

Six private islands with infinity pools and white sand beaches are now on sale and buying one could set you back less than the average UK property would.

The secluded islands offer the perfect escape, with the cheapest option offering 11.6 acres for just £48,947.

In fact, each island costs less than £340,000 – with most options significantly cheaper than £250,000, the average property price in the UK.

Big Tancook Island in Nova Scotia, Canada, is the most affordable and offers the most bang for your buck with huge grounds to enjoy.

However, you’ll have to share with 125 friendly year-round residents as it comes as an island parcel – meaning you can purchase part of the island for a family compound, hotel or camp site.

If you fancy something a bit more low-key, it’s worth checking out Danhattan and Majestic Islands in the US.

The warmer climate isle is the second cheapest option, with Danhattan in Connecticut setting you back £226,393.

For that, you’ll bag yourself an island with half an acre of woodland, complete with a cabin that sleeps eight and your own boat.

Majestic Island has an equally gorgeous location, situated in Beaver Dam Lake in Wisconsin.

Lakeside life with an off-grid but fully functioning cottage and acres of private land will cost £236,455.

If you fancy a more authentic Castaway experience, head to Nicaragua for tropical weather and stunning white sand beaches.

Bocal Island costs almost the exact same as the average house price in the UK, with a guide price of £251,548.

The lower price is due to some repairs being needed, but the island comes with a two-bedroom guest house, a caretaker’s house, an infinity pool, a cement pier and, of course, the all-important sandy white beach.

If you can increase your budget to £341,387, Iguana Island is five acres and includes a three-bed, two-bathroom house with a wrap-around porch, dining room, bar and living area, as well as staff accommodation.

There’s also a boardwalk that stretches around the island and a 28-foot watchtower – perfect for an evening stroll.

For about £50,000 less, Panama’s Isla Carabana comes complete with a sailboat mooring, speed boat garage and a property with two self-contained apartments.

The island also has serious party potential with a raised deck complete with BBQ, hot tub, tiki hut, private sandy beach and a private clear water swimming lagoon.

To avoid feeling too cut off, the island also offers great WiFi and phone signal and is located just a short boat ride from a number of great restaurants.

Isla Carabana is on the market for £289,640.

Homebuying platform Yes Homebuyers found the incredible islands currently listed for sale – all of which are considerably lower than the cost of a house in London, which is on average £494,269.