Influencer sparks outrage after putting down family dog instead of rehoming

An influencer is facing backlash from fans after she revealed that she and her husband decided to put their dog down after he bit their son.

Nikki Phillippi, a YouTuber with 1.29 million subscribers who regularly posts lifestyle and family videos, shared the news on her channel and on Instagram where she explained that she and Dan’s bull terrier Bowser, who they had for nearly 10 years, had shown “aggressive” tendencies.

Dan explained that although the incident, which saw their one-year-old son Logan being left with a “little mark” after trying to steal Bowser’s food “wasn’t that bad”, the couple were concerned that the dog would “cross the line” in the future.

The couple also said they had considered having their pet put down previously after he had “seriously injured a couple of different dogs”.

Although Nikki turned the comments off on YouTube, fans had their say on her Instagram post where she shared a series of pictures of her hugging Bowser.

In the post, she said: “We have some really sad news. McTrowsen, I’m so grateful for our time with you. You were a mini horse, a shark, a bear, a mouse, a dinosaur and Dan’s best friend all in one.

“You made me laugh… you made me cry… you destroyed our property… and you also kept it safe. lol, You kept ME feeling safe… Bowser was the ultimate cuddle bug, but you wouldn’t necessarily know that if you just dropped by our house…he just acted crazy. Well.

“Bowser had an aggressive side that reared its ugly head a few times over the years… and recently he bit Logan. After a lot of counsel, we decided it was time for Bowser to pass peacefully on. I know a lot of you will be shocked to hear this… my brain is still shocked.

“McTrowsen has been part of our life and content HIS entire life…and for the last 9 years of our marriage…

“We didn’t want to make this decision…as I’m sure you can imagine. I’m not kidding when I say this was one of the saddest days of my life.

“That being said, I’m so grateful we got to hold him and kiss him in our home while he passed…I will be uploading a video tonight with more of the story if you want to know….We will miss you forever Bowser.”

Many people in the comments said the couple should have considered other options like trying to rehome him or attempting to mitigate his behaviour, whilst others accused her of not properly training Bowser how to be around children.

One person said: “Some dogs can’t live with kids but that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be allowed to live.”

Another comment read: “The grossest part to me is the photoshoot before having the dog put down. Glad you weren’t too distraught to produce some content first!”

Whilst someone else put: “Not sure what is more upsetting to me… the fact that you killed your dog instead of training him, re-homing him or creating boundaries with your small child likely being all over him… OR The fact that you are dangling a carrot like this to upset people and then using it to MONETIZE your YouTube video.”