Howie Roseman explains awkward moment with Tom Donahoe

One of the most real moments from the NFL’s annual reality show happened in Philadelphia.

After making defensive tackle Milton Williams the 73rd overall pick, Eagles G.M. Howie Roseman was doing a fist-bump victory-lap in the draft room. Senior director of player personnel Tom Donahoe, a former G.M. of the Steelers and Bills, provided a half-hearted gesture in response.

“These guys spend all year scouting these guys and you get favorites, guys you feel strongly about. We all do,” Roseman said in the aftermath of the moment of awkwardness. “That’s the fun part of being in the draft room, the emotions of it.”

Appearing on WIP radio in Philadelphia, Roseman said that Donahoe wanted to take defensive tackle Alim McNeil in lieu of trading down. Jeff McLane of the Philadelphia Inquirer confirms that this was indeed the case, and that Donahoe wasn’t the only one who wanted McNeil, taken one spot earlier by the Lions.

Per McLane, Donahoe also thought the reward for trading down — an extra sixth-round pick — wasn’t worth sacrificing the spot.

Here’s the reality. In the rock-paper-scissors world of the Eagles franchise, Roseman is the rock and Donahoe is the scissors. It simply doesn’t matter whether Donahoe approves or disapproves the move. And he either reacted the way he did knowing full well it would be seen by others, or Donahoe failed to realize that, during the draft, everything you do is being seen by someone.